Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), a member of the subfamily of retroviral tumor-causing RNA viruses, contains single-stranded RNA that is transcribed by the action of reverse transcriptase into DNA, a provirus that integrates into the cellular genome of cats.

Globally about 5% of cats are infected with FeLV, and in some countries up to 20%.

The consequences of FeLV infection depend on the age and immune status of the cat, the concentration of the virus, the pathogenicity of the virus and the stress of the infection.

Young cats have the highest susceptibility to FeLV and can gradually gain resistance to the virus as they mature, but more than 50% of poorly resistant cats will still develop disease after infection with the virus.

FIG : Asembly of feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) at the plasma membrane. The precursor of the viral structural proteins Pr65Gag is thought to attach to the underside of the membrane via an interaction between N-terminal myristate and membrane phospholipids. Once bound, the Pr65Gag proteins multimerise, triggering the membrane to bend around the forming core. Env proteins associate with the nascent particle through their co-localisation on the membrane until an immature particle is formed. A scission event then takes place, releasing the immature virion into the extracellular milieu, at which time the viral protease cleaves Pr65Gag into distinct matrix (MA), capsid (CA) and nucleocapsid (NC) proteins. Inset: Electron micrograph of two FeLV particles in a vesicle within a mesenteric lymph node cell, from Bill Jarrett’s seminal study. Bar = 100 lm.

Integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs) are recent compounds in the antiretroviral arsenal used against FeLV & FIV, INSTIs work by blocking retroviral integration, an essential step in the viral lifecycle that is catalyzed by the virally encoded IN protein within a nucleoprotein assembly called an intasome. MARY-661 is a highly effective integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs), FeLV virus replication is significantly reduced in vivo and without harming normal cells. MARY’s product avoiding the cat suffering more pain, improving the living environment of the infected cat and extending the life. MARY’s FeLV&FIV HEALTH SUPPLEMENT the dosage less, cheaper, more convenient, no side effects.

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