General FAQs About Treating FIP Using GS 441524

Q : How to identify if a cat has FIP?

A : You need to do a “Real PCR” Test, this is the best way to identify if a cat has FIP.

Q : What’s the symptom of Wet FIP?

A : There are a lot of Fluid in the belly, sometimes a little bit, if Fluid is too much, Fluid in the thorax is the same, But much more difficult and much more dangerous, the cat can’t breath, and the lungs can collapse, So they need to aspirate some fluid, Some vets do it with ultra Sonic, to see where they need to aspirate, some vets might do it blind. It is not so easy and a risk to do no harm. And some vets tries to get so much fluid as they can get. And the parents are afraid when fluid came Back, But that’s normal reaction,GS need a time to stop that , after 14 days it should stop, sometimes it came back later under treatment, that’s bad, that’s a sign GS didn’t work, Or the Brand or the batch is Bad.

Q : If the cat is Wet FIP, and the Fluid still come back 14 days later, do you need to raise the dosage ?

A : If they erase the dose they need to stay so high for the whole treatment time, after the first 14 days, it should be every day a little bit less; After it went away, it doesn’t should come back.

For example :
We have a cat with Thorax fluid in the vet clinic 14 days.They aspirate daily. Begin with 100 ml. Daily they get a little bit less. But until day 10 they found new fluid. At last days only 10 or 20 ml. But the body produce daily a little bit. After 14 days the fluid is away.So he leave the clinic and went home.

Thorax is a more risk than Belly, so they aspirate all they can get Belly can came back but not so much. It depends on start fluid and situation of the Cat.Some need 1 aspiration and than the belly get every day smaller. Some need one or two times again

Q : How do I give the GS 441524 injections?

A : The injections are given sub-cutaneously or “sub-cu” which means just under the skin. Injections are to be given every 24 hours at as close to the same time everyday as is possible for at least 12 weeks. The needle should NOT poke into the muscle of the cat. The GS stings upon injection but the pain is over as soon as the injection is over. There are several helpful videos that our members have posted showing how they inject and also many on YouTube. It’s best to have your vet do the first injection or two and to teach you how to do them. Kitties that are more difficult to restrain for the shots may require daily trips to the vet.